Tasty Table Catering

Types of jobs you could find?

Event Planner

The individual should have basic elements of off-premise catering mastered, with knowledge of event layout, staffing per quest per type of dinner, rentals pre and post event. This person is key in getting our next client and therefore, knows that guests at the event are likely to be our next client, so work the floor with professional grace.

Catering Associate

This position deals directly with our customer affairs and preparing the products for delivery by ensuring all paper products have been packed. The associate while delivering products informs clients on new products and also communicates with the management clients concerns to drive the company forward.

Catering Sales

The individual must have mastered the requirement of an event planner, knowing all the intricate details of a major wedding event. This person will captain all their events to ensure timeliness of execution and complete client customer satisfaction. The ability to develop relationship with industry associates is key to getting to the next level.

Sous Chefs, Event Chefs and Line Cooks

With our current growth our needs in this area continues to grow monthly. Regardless of your employment status interest (full time, part time or just events), we’d like to hear from you. During the interview you will be evaluated for culinary skills, professional presentation capabilities and leadership to run an entire event…don’t be discourage, if selected to be a support member there is always growth and it probably means you just have to learn our systems for a few months.

Bartenders and Servers

We are always looking for professional staff that knows how work and event and banquet room, the ideal person will have had several years in a restaurant setting or with another caterer or country club. Eager new staff looking to break into the server roles can enrolled into our 3 event Buser to Server training program. All bartenders must have degree and be TIPS certified.


Why People Recommend Working at Tasty Table

  • Discount of 100% on food on your workday. Nothing beats a free lunch and employees of Tasty Table get to enjoy this as often as they like on their working days.
  • Flexible hours, you can leave early or call in sick depending on the circumstances, which favors several lifestyle habits.
  • Opportunities to work as a team. The setup of Tasty Table supports the ideology of working as one unit to develop ideas and a forum where each member can chip in on different issues arising pertaining to the business design.